Nestio Site Tour

Welcome to Nestio

Nestio is a web and mobile tool to help you organize, collaborate, and stay informed on any listing you find online. Forget the long email threads and clumsy spreadsheets, you can now collect this information in one, centralized location. Here's some of the things that Nestio can do…


Save listings

Add listings to Nestio from any site with the click of a button.

Easily store them

All of your listings live in one place where you can view, sort, and compare them.

Take action

Favorite, flag, edit, and remove listings as you obtain more information.


Share your search

Tag team the hunt by adding collaborators to your account.

Invite via facebook or email

Easily invite roommates and friends already on Facebook, or just by typing in an email.

Stay informed

Take notes

Add your own thoughts so you can remember each listing.

Label and schedule

Keep track of where you are in the process (contacted, scheduled, viewed).


We'll quickly let you know if we receive new or updated information.

The big picture

Map the area

Plot your listings on a map and get to know what's nearby.

Local news

Read relevant stories in the area so you can see what's happening.

Commute times

Calculate travel times to/from a custom location.

On the go

Nestio Mobile

Download our iPhone app to take your search anywhere.

Take notes & photos

Add notes and photos on the fly that sync up with your account.