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About us

Our vision is simple – build world-class technology to help real estate professionals do their jobs faster, easier, and better. We offer management companies and brokers the ability to manage and communicate information in real-time and all from one place. With the industry's first real-time platform of information, we're here to save you time and money.

Our team

Nestio is a labor of love between a group of like-minded friends – former property managers, brokers, agents, and for a few of us, practically professional renters. With deep experience on both sides of the market, we’ve come together to reshape the real estate industry - one listing at a time.

Caren Maio
Mike O'Toole
Joe Ben-Zvi
Jason Sack
Dan Garfield
Stephanie Vorhees
James Frey
Nick Barry
Lindsay Martinez
Michael Rezin
Ben Henderson
Sean Dominguez
Elizabeth Soleimani
Ian Bandes
Kumar Laidley
Sam Smith
Steven Blackman
Daniel Rigberg
Cooper McGuire
Jay Fischer
Chloe Isacke
Joseph Daly

Our supporters

We have the best advisors and investors in the world. We're equal parts appreciative, humbled and awed
that this amazing group backs and believes in Nestio as if it's their own.

Jerry Colonna
David Cohen
Rick Webb
Eric Friedman
Beth Ferreira
Joanne Wilson
Mike Lazerow
Sean Black
Marc Siden

Join us!

We want to meet other like-minded folk who share our obsession with real estate, stellar product development, solving real-world problems, and cookies. We really like cookies.

Don't see an available position that's perfect for you? That shouldn't stop you from sending your resume our way!

We're always on the look out for talented folks, and would love to hear from you anyway to get the conversation going. Please take a moment to email your resume to and share a bit about yourself.

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